H A E  


                                                                                              SHOP. EAT. SEE


HAE was established in 2015 as a concept store, working with independent labels and brands from Asia. Most of Hae's selected products consist of living and stationery items, some of which were designed with environmental awareness. While sustainability is not the sole concept of HAE, it is something we believethat can run parallel with living and design. 

Our inventory is small and updated frequently, hoping to always offer fresh ideas and looks. They come from designers based in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and many other places. They're designers and artists  who are enthusiastic about what they do and the places they live in. We hope that the items are not only functional and fun, but also gives a sense of were they come from.

A small deli section within the store offers homemade, authentic Korean food for takeaway only. They're made ​​fresh every morning with local produce and free range meat. The food ranges from handy riceballs to filling rice bowls, side dishes and we try to always have a pot of soup boiling. We make the food how we would eat it - the food is also packed in simple boxes made from recycled carton and is microwaveable safe. 

Hae Art Space is located in the rear of the store in-which we hold monthly exhibitions. We hope to work with local art students and artists, and occasionally curate works from young artists based in Asia as well. If you're interested in exhibiting, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to your visit!