“Throughout history, as any anthropologist will tell you, the simplest way to bind people to you has been to give them a special gift – a present only you can give and only they are worthy to receive.”  -Neil MacGregor

In an age where you can buy everything, an object crafted by your own hands, in your style, is a piece of art and like art, crafting can take many shapes and forms. 

In this exhibition we look at handcraft from a weekend crafter perspective. Where the process is as fundamental as the product and the product is made with purpose - for someone special. Common homeware objects that have all been made by hand are on display.

Teena is a weekend crafter, during the week she works as a statistician and in her spare time runs an online store called Itawi where she brings together patterns and supplies for the crafter who is short on time and likes things well designed.

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