The purple elephant without considering its color in reality, annoying masks appearing twice in high school in a ‘material bag’, prohibiting noses to be drawn sharply, the cloud, sun, and apple trees as common themes of landscape drawing… what would you remember when it comes to the first material, atmosphere or sentence in your art class? 

“Art Class Memories” is an ongoing narrative recollection process since Jan. 1, 2016, via one scene to another, tracing memories with regards to material and textures of a collaborative creation, from the initial curiosity of a frequently reoccurring experience in Taiwan: once as an student in the arts faculty seven years ago, many friends from different studies expressed to me, “you must draw very well!” followed by “I can’t draw at all”. These moments triggered my curiosity of looking at this shared experience, in a blurry yet vivid way, to see where all this leads to.

Based on each one’s contribution of their own memories, we trace the path of constructions of images, decision making, hidden rules on papers, funny moments in the air. Let’s see how it went and will go on.


It is a saying that, once you start, you will remember 4.35 clips of memories in art class.

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