Temporary Mountain of Tempers, Yet Flat by Kiko Moon

say hi to the valley
they sing sung an open throat out there
their voices reached far 

created and whistled bombs 
in shapes of goose wombs
(pounded, then stuffed)
and in general:
flappy lanterns all over the place!
but soon replaced by air to be shared

some cro-magnon creature that rests on a wall
it knows the valley
it was ready to fall

falling from a bright yet dark sky 
falling free, then, by hitting the ground to bend down 
automatically, as if they had a manual sewed inside their invisible wings 
they bend down down
for their gaze to be solid

Stretched like skin, covered by old symbols carved in 
once were seen
the valley the valley is not mean
(its neither valley fever nor valley glacier)
smart hearted figures following impulses 
able to walk on thin ropes 
for quite some time 
elastic as their bodies are
their so called fingers can promise while their eyes stay warm 

the valley is now un- and forgotten 
returns to its faith 
their shapes stay conscious and all colours are straight

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